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Triangle Italian Greyhound Rescue of NC

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Adoption Procedure

A Brief Overview of TIGR Adoption Procedure...

  Our first suggestion is, if you're not already familiar with IG's, is to go to the National Italian Greyhound Club of America at and read up on the breed and it's particular traits. IG's are absolutely wonderful! But, they aren't the breed for everyone, so it's best to do the homework and make sure it's the right breed for you.
  There are also a couple of really great books about IG's that we'd highly recommend - whether you're an experienced IG person, or just learning about the breed, we think you'll find them very informative - They are The Nuts & Bolts IG Book by Patricia Kelly, and The New Complete Italian Greyhound  by Lilian Barber.
  We find it very important that you fully understand the ins and outs of the IG breed before adopting. We want to do everything we can to insure that each IG adopted through Triangle IG Rescue is adopted into a well prepared forever home, and never has to face going back in to a rescue situation again. Making sure our potential adopters are well educated on the breed specifics is a first step to achieving that goal.
  After doing the homework, if you feel the Italian Greyhound is the breed for you, then our adoption procedure is this... (Adoption Donations are $250) First, fill out an adoption application (email to request one) and return it to TIGR. We'll look over your application, email your references, and contact you to discuss any questions we may have. Next, we arrange a home visit with you so we can meet you and verify your application information. When all steps are approved, and we determine which foster is a match for you, then you'll complete an adoption agreement and arrange pick up of your new IG family member. TIGR will remain in contact with you through out the initial adjustment period, and beyond, helping to answer any and all questions that come up. We prefer to stay in touch always, as we love getting updates, photos, and stories about the pets we have placed. They remain in our hearts long after they've moved into yours!!



Adoption Process
Step 1: Application (download one below. complete application and return via email or snail mail)
Step 2: Review of Application (we'll go over your application and contat you if there are any questions)
Step 3: Reference Checks (we'll email your references and call your veterinary references)
Step 4: Application Summary (once approved, we'll discuss the foster that would be the best fit for your home)
Step 5: Home Visit (a visit to your home to finalize details and answer any questions)
Step 6: Meet & Greet ( meet the potential matching foster)
Step 7: Adopt
(From application to adoption may take a week, or it may take a month. there are many variables. Everyone at TIGR is a volunteer. Your patience is appreciated)

  A great deal of time is spent matching a particular dog to a potential family. Adoptions are not necessarily on a first come, first adopt basis. Please be patient while we help you determine which dog is best suited to your home. Your reward will be a lifetime companion.