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Are IG's For Me?

IG's are very endearing. Bred to be companion dogs, they are attentive and loving to their owners. However, not everyone is ready for the commitment of owning an IG. In fact, more often than not, the IG is NOT the breed of choice for most people. Here are a few Pros and Cons for you to consider prior to applying for adoption. 

  • Health Concerns: Generally healthy and low maintenance
  • Personality: Generally quiet. Usually not big barkers. Very playful with a zest for life that lasts well into their senior years. Loving dogs that love to be with you, and enjoy being in your lap and under your covers. Happy dogs that love to please their people. Little Clowns in Dog Costumes.
  • Lifestyle: Small enough to be suitable for apartment living, and for taking along on the family outings. Short coat, with little shedding, makes for minimal grooming. Happy dog that usually gets along well with other family members and pets. Enjoys being included in family activities. Loves to be a lap dog. Happy racing around the yard at high speed, and just as happy being a couch potato.
  • Breed Issues: Sheds very little. Has little body odor. Requires minimal grooming. Small size. Bred for companionship and love to be with their people. Intelligent. Friendly and Enthusiastic.




  • Health Issues: Broken legs are not uncommon and are costly to repair. Genetic diseases such as Luxating Patellas, Legg-Perthe's Disease, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Thyroid disease, and Seizures do exist. Dental disease and tooth loss are common and require regular maintenance.
  • Personality: IG's can be very sensitive dogs. Some can be considered needy or clingy & Separation Anxiety can be a real problem. They can be very demanding of your time and attention. IG's are easily bored and can become destructive as an attempt at self entertainment. IG's usually do better in pairs because they don't like to be alone. Some owners find that it's necessary to have two so that they can help keep each other company. IG's can be timid of things that other dogs aren't bothered by.  IG's are easily affected by inclement weather and do not handle the cold, wind, or rain, very well.
  • Lifestyle: IG's are very energetic. Those confined to apartment living will need scheduled exercise and playtime. They often have selective hearing, which some feel makes them difficult to train. Because of their small frame and bone structure, it's not recommended that IG's be in a family with small children. Children may cause injury to IG's by playing too rough. Unsupervised children and rough play may force an IG into a fight or flight scenario which can result in the child being bitten.
  • Breed Issues: IG's can be very difficult to house train. Especially in areas where inclement weather is common. IG's are athletic and are great jumpers and climbers. This can put them at risk for broken bones, and it can put your counter tops at risk for being raided. IG's have NO street smarts, or car sense, and MUST be kept on a leash or harness at all times when out walking. A fenced in yard is STRONGLY recommended for any IG home. An unsupervised IG is at risk for getting loose, lost, and possibly hit and killed by a car. It can't be stressed enough that IG's require constant supervision and must be under your control at all times for their own safety. 

If you noticed the list of Cons is much longer than the list of Pros, you'd be right. Please consider wisely whether the IG is right for you before considering adoption.