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Triangle Italian Greyhound Rescue of NC

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Our Rainbow Bridge II

To Celebrate the Lives of the Iggies Who Have Left  Us ...
Some Angels Have Four Paws...


According to Native American legend, when a human dies, there is a Bridge he or she must cross in order to enter Heaven. At the head of this Bridge waits every animal that the individual encountered during his or her lifetime. Based upon what they know of this person, the animals will decide which humans may cross the Bridge and which will be turned away.

Jan 1990 -- Nov. 14th, 2007
"Violet", aka my "Vi-Vi"
Violet... this Angel was rescued from a barn, in the middle of a Jan. ice storm, blind, and with puppies. From that day forward, Violet lived out her golden years here at TIGR, being an ambassador for IG Rescue. She never lost her nose for a good treat and she was never too busy for a good snuggle.  Violet passed quietly, on her blankie, doing what she loved best - soaking up the Carolina Sunshine. I will miss her always! ... Stephanie, TIGR Founder

December 6th, 2007 --- February 27th, 2008

Miracle... Born w/ Hydrocephalus to a backyard breeder who named him Miracle, this littlest fellow was turned in to TIGR when his medical needs became too much of a burden for his breeder. We did all we could to manage/treat Miracle's condition but in the end it was too much for his little soul to bear. We helped Miracle cross over the Rainbow Bridge to find a more peaceful place. It is in his memory and honor that we have founded MIRACLE's FUND to aid the extensive medical treatment of other iggies in need. ... Stephanie of TIGR


Joy lived up to her name. She was a joyful little girl.  She was my little shadow & followed me where ever I went. She'd follow me in the yard, wait for me as I got ready for work, and helped me put out piddle pads. She was my clock and always let me know it was dinner time. She taught Tammy how to bark and Marilyn's Star how to roo. There was such love in her eyes.  I would tell her she was the joy of my life and she would look at me as if to say, I know mom, I love you too.  ... mom, Joyce Statzer

November 10th, 1999 --- December 12th, 2007
Gabby... Her time with us was too short. Gabby was a gift from God sent to transform me. She taught me about imperfection, unconditional love in its purest form, and the true joy of a companion who was always by my side. While cooking, getting ready for work, or in bed, she was right up against me. If I was sitting to do anything, she was sprawled on me. Gabby loved to grumble to us when we were eating dinner. Sometimes it turned into a bark. And boy could she bark, no question that is where her name came from. She was so timid w/ anyone but me when she came, but she blossomed into a little lady who loved to get petted. She deserved the best life had to offer, & I hope we were able to give her that. I know she is getting it now, healthy and happy forever in heaven. There will never be another like her in my heart and I hope she knew how much I loved her & always will....Enjoy your new life with no seizures, blindness or, play & bark your head off til I can see you and hold you again.  ... Mom Tina

March 15,1994 --- March 20th, 2008
"Sammy" the Sun Worshiper

Sam... One of my first fosters in 2002, Sam arrived from a FL animal shelter where he'd lived for a month and was treated for heartworms. Sam made himself at home from the minute he arrived and never skipped a beat when he was adopted by Heidi and Ric into his forever home several weeks later. Sam loved life and lived it to the fullest. As his Mom Heidi had to say, "All I can say is that we were the lucky ones to have such an awesome dog.  There will never be another dog as good as he.  You'll always be my little boy.  Miss you, love you.  Your body gave up before your spirit ever would."

??? - May 4, 2010

Bella… House guest that never left. Fearless little terror, always willing to leap without looking and spawn trouble at the drop of a hat. Trainer of out-of-control puppies and savior of our sanity. Part time snack thief, full time drama queen. Vigilant guard dog, always on the alert for a crying child or the delivery boy. Our beloved little doggie, always in our hearts…Hani, Raine & Little Milo

1997 - Oct. 2004
Bootsie was one of my very first Foster Dogs. Bootsie found a wonderful home with Mom Fran in Virginia and the two were inseparable. Sadly Fran lost Bootsie to cancer in 2004. However, Fran adopted Sophie from TIGR in 2005. ... Stephanie, founder TIGR

May 31, 1999 --- February 24, 2006
Sergio -- aka "Squirgee"

Sergio was my very first IG. He's was a loving and wonderful part of my family. Sergio bravely battled Hemangiosarcoma (cancer) for the last 8 months of his life. I will never forget his silly sense of IG humor, and his bravery during his illness. Always quick with a kiss... I will miss him w/ all my heart! ... Stephanie, founder TIGR

Li'l Barron

 This sweet little boy found himself in an emergency clinic w/ a broken leg and the family couldn't afford his surgical repair. TIGR was called and took Barron in so TIGR's Miracle's Fund could pay for Barron to have surgery. Unfortunately, Barron required a second surgery almost two months later and our Sweet Li'l Angel never woke up from anesthesia. Our hearts are broken by his loss. And Barron's waiting adoptive Mom is heart broken too. Barron was a perfect pup and a blessing to all who knew him. His life was over far too soon. We're comforted in knowing Barron is running free, with Miracle, at the Rainbow Bridge and we look forward to seeing him again some day.

"Our animals shepherd us through certain eras of our lives. When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own...they let us go." Anonymous