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Triangle Italian Greyhound Rescue of NC

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Meet the Volunteers of TIGR...

Together, the following Volunteers, have fostered, transported (by land & air), held yard sales, manned fund raiser booths, hand crafted fund raiser items, educated inquirers, screened applicants, performed home checks, loved and let go, all in the name of giving an IG in need the opportunity for a second chance.

VA Area Volunteer, Home Visits
Chris and family

overflow Foster Family, Transport, Home Visits
Jane w/ Baloo & Gia

over flow Foster family, transport, home visits
Dave w/ Baloo

Foster Mom, Vet Tech & TIGR Founder
Stephanie with Ecco, Tugger, Cinco, & Bailey

PR, Fundraising, Transport
Audrey w/ CC

Air Transport Team
Captain Rich & Diane, w/ Antonio

Special Thanks to TIGR adopters who volunteer
Roberta of NC
Nicole of NC
Darlene of PA
Lorraine of NY
Ethan of NC
Linda of NC
Lisa of NC
Lynn of NC
Kerry & Mac of NC
Jodi & Chris of VA
Becky of NC
Jennifer & Scott of TN
Joyce of NC
Marilyn of NC
Angela of NC
Tina of TN
Dusty of VA
Audrey of NC
Dave & Jane of NC
Teresa of NC
Paula of VA
Chris of VA
Ally of NC
Karen of NC

The work of an individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward.  ~  Igor Sikorsky